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Greg Malone, a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico since January 1997, has worked in many fields of study — as a multi-disciplinary scientist, linguist (Arabic, Egyptian dialect), game developer, coder, web application developer, youth mentor, educator and wildlife advocate.  This prominently includes an extensive groundbreaking career in computer game development and software publishing that spanned 25+ years and is still ongoing in the universe of Minecraft development and non-profit organization support. Additionally, another almost 20 yrs as a licensed preK->12 educator and technologist completes an amazing circle of engagement.  

Says Malone, “My life spans centuries, even millennia!”

Greg has directly developed numerous popular computer game products (i.e. coding, animation, music, design, producer, publisher), web and mobile apps and games for education, youth development and entertainment. He has served as a science and technology educator since 2000, and is an active technologist, geologist, advocate for youth development and social causes including food security and homelessness solutions. Further, significant effort given as I.T. Director, youth program developer and naturalist working with various educational and community development programs in northern New Mexico. Greg is also a U.S. Air Force veteran where he served as an Arabic language linguist (studied at Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA). 

Round all that off with previous careers and current endeavors in the geosciences ranging from oil and gas exploration in the US Gulf Coast to intensive study of Martian historical geology and all things related to planetary geosciences. Last but not least, Greg shares a keen interest in the fields and findings of paleoanthropology, astrobiology, quantum gravitational physics and complexity science having worked in association with numerous projects of the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) and the MIT Media Lab. 

Geology – Paleoanthropology – Astrophysics – Planetary Geology – Computer Science/Programming – Web Application and Graphics Development – PreK-12 Education – Non-Profit Organization Support, friend to all children, birds, raccoons, skunks, foxes, coyotes, rabbits and deer in his backyard… these are a few of my favorite things 🎵 

Current status:  
Retired from the 8-5 routine, pursuing various creative projects 
The Dude Abides 

Current projects (2023):
• Web, Graphics/Marketing Design for Theatre Santa Fe

• Numerous contract tech projects

• Automation software development for PC

• Children’s book development

• Wildlife-in-the-yard documentation project

• “Lingo” game/messaging app development

Philosophy statement: 
Live long and prosper, give as much as you get (no seriously, actually do it), be kind to everyone (yeah, there are also major jerks out there, so do your best to be kind to them too or just stay clear of ’em), love and mentor all children (especially in the early formative years), stay curious, never stop learning, follow your bliss (it’s twue it’s twue), question everything (worth repeating: question EVERYTHING), study history like the future of humankind depends on it (it does), learn from your mistakes (else live-die-repeat), expect setbacks, enjoy successes, don’t sweat the small stuff… all easier said than done, but habits we can learn (or have beaten into us by Thor’s Mighty Hammer). 

Bonus tip:  
SIMPLIFY your life. Seriously. We don’t need most of our ‘stuff‘ which weighs us down and drains us and our coffers more than satisfies us. We definitely don’t need to please others by having them see our stuff (this is the number one problem with consumerism) — it’s a trap. We don’t need to spend hours and hours each day on (sorry, you’ll understand one day after it’s too late, I’m afraid) exploitative places like Facehook in place of real human contact and old fashioned correspondence. Much of the stuff we collect and distract ourselves with blind us (benevolently, which is the insidious aspect) to actual living and awareness of the important things. Sadly, most, like me, don’t come to these realizations until later in lifeif then.  

Overview of Professional Work 

Linguist for USAF 
Arabic language, Egyptian dialect, Defense Language Institute, Monterey CA 
Earned 75 Masters Degree Credits 

Louisiana Tech University 
Graduated Major: BS Geology, Petroleum Engineering 

Exploration Geologist and Recovery Engineer 
Independent Oil and Gas Industry, Ark-La-Tex-Ok region 

Computer Game Developer, Producer and Publisher 
Original, groundbreaking game development beginning in early ’80s
Happiest time of my life. Designed and developed several original games, and co-produced over a dozen other games 
Publisher, Softdisk, monthly software/games publication 

Marketing Communications Director, Origin Systems, Austin TX 

VP Marketing, New World Computing, Los Angeles CA 

Wilderness Search and Rescue  
Field Team Member & Leader, Team Board President 
St. John’s College Search and Rescue Team, Santa Fe NM 

Licensed Science and Technology Educator 
Public and Private Schools, pre-K thru 12 
Capital High School, Desert Academy, Rio Grande School, Santa Fe, NM 

Computer Programming & Science Curriculum Developer and Educator 
Co-developed and implemented edu tech outreach programs 
for 8 yrs in collaboration with 
The Santa Fe Institute 
Project G.U.T.S. (Growing Up Thinking Scientifically) 
National Science Foundation (ITEST funding), M.I.T. Media Lab 

Director of Technology 
Desert Academy (6-12) 

Director of Technology  
Rio Grande School (pre-K thru 6) 

Director of Programs and Operations / Technology Director / Board Advisor 
Warehouse 21, Santa Fe Teen Arts Center 

Board of Directors and Marketing Committee 
The Food Depot   Santa Fe NM 

Minecraft Server Host and Application Developer 
Technology curriculum development using Minecraft server technology 

Awarded International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) “Making IT Happen” 2008 
New Mexico Technology in Education (NMTIE) — “Making IT Happen” is an internationally recognized awards program for educators in the field of educational technology integration in K–12 schools. The program identifies and rewards educational technology leaders around the world for their commitment and innovation. 


B.S. Geology w/ minor in Petroleum Engineering

Masters work: earned 135 Masters credits in Education, Linguistics – never converted to Masters degree

Ongoing: Life-long learner

Favorite Things

My adult children (Rachel and Paul/GP), my 3 amazing grandchildren (Maxine, Major, Merry)

Children ages 3-5 (rapid learners, clean slate, where public $ should be focused, better to start them off right than try to fix them later — from my extensive work in education)

Women more than men (for company, conversation and leadership)

Dogs (which are persons, in fact, evolved to relate to humans)

Critters of all types (birds, mammals…) — intelligence isn’t the exclusive domain of humans, we just have more elaborate circuitry in a larger brain)

Formula 1 racing (lifelong, and now more than ever)

Animated comedy (South Park, Family Guy, Simpsons, Rick and Morty, and more)

Music: Classical (esp Baroque, and others), Pink Floyd (best band ever, except the Beatles which changed everything), Hendrix, etc.

Programming/coding: nothing else like it in my life… the mastery of it, the best headspace I’ve ever enjoyed for prolonged periods of time. Began coding in 1977. Languages proficient in: Javascript, CSS, PHP, 6502 Assembly (serious fun), C++, and numerous other scripting languages.

Maya, gone,
but not gone

Computer Games Developed or Produced  
by Greg Malone  1981-1996 

Titles depicted include: 
Moebius and The Orb of Celestial Harmony (designed, coded, animated) 
Windwalker (designed, coded, animated) 
Minit Man (designed, coded, animated) 
The Catacomb Abyss (Creative Director, Publisher) 
Duke Nukem 3D (Creative Director, Producer) 

Backyard Biology 

Critters studied in Greg’s backyard, Santa Fe NM 

See it here: (website is being migrated to new location)

Places I’ve Spent Much Time 

Monterey, California
Defense Language Institute
Louisiana Tech University 
Shreveport, Louisiana

Austin, Texas
Los Angeles – Woodland Hills and Venice, CA
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe Institute
Capital High School, Santa Fe (as Science teacher)
Desert Academy, International Baccalaureate Program (as Director of Technology and Teacher)
Rio Grande School (as Director of Technology and Teacher)

Final thought, re: the cycle of life. 

We’re born, we grow, we do things, we die, we vanish from the universe and are eventually forgotten.

And that’s ok, though our opinions on the matter are actually irrelevant.

The cycle of life isn’t a cycle at all at the individual level… it is a one-way trip imbued with consciousness which emerges from our brain and body’s neural network of learned patterns and genetic predispositions. That consciousness ceases to exist upon biological death.

Simple as that. All the more wonderous.

# # # 

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